A new standard for quality & responsibility


Vida Kuulas is an uncompromising and refined product line based on responsibility, absolute professionalism and natural ingredients to satisfy the true needs of consumers. Vida Kuulas products are long-acting, efficiently absorbing, provided with optimal nutritional density, supplied in vegetable capsules, and produced close to home. The product contains no additives besides Vida’s vegetable and stomach-friendly DRcaps® capsule shells, which are made entirely of vegetable fibre.

And what’s best, the responsibility of Vida Kuulas is not limited to a carefully considered product, but Vida Kuulas products also come in nature-friendly packages. We want to help fight the global plastic waste problem, which is why we chose the material Sulapac® consisting of wood and plant-based binders as the packaging material. The 100% biodegradable container consists only of renewable raw materials; no permanent micro-plastic or any harmful chemicals remain after the degradation process. The packaging can be recycled on industrial scale by composting* – however, local recycling guidelines must always be complied with. Quite a climate-friendly and elegant alternative to traditional plastic.


Vida Kuulas: made in Finland, inspired by nature.

*tested in accordance with the standard EN13432