Vida products are developed and manufactured by Leader Foods Oy, a Finnish food industry company established in 2001. Leader Foods Oy was created with a vision to provide high-quality and healthy products to the market. Responsibility is at the core of Vida. Vida is developed and manufactured in Finland; the product development and production facility are located in Vantaa.


Leader Foods Oy also manufactures and markets quality, high-protein foods, sports supplements and camping food. The company employs 80 people from various backgrounds and cultures. The company’s main brands are Vida and Leader. The company’s other production facility is located in Toholampi.



The quality and safety of the products manufactured by the Leader Foods Group is ensured by our professional staff, innovative product development, carefully selected ingredients, our own production methods, certified quality control, and the continuous improvement of our operations and product quality. Magali Laasonen (PhD Pharm.) is the Quality Assurance Director at Leader.


The self-monitoring risk-based system at Leader Foods has been set up for each product line using HACCP. Well-trained employees and excellent traceability are a key part of our quality assurance system.


All inspections related to the manufacturing process are based on the operating model of a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, i.e. our processes are subject to pharmaceutical-technological checks, including tablet weight measurement, tensile strength and friability testing. The analyses and shelf-life testing of the final products are conducted at Eurofins, an accredited and independent laboratory approved by the Finnish Food Authority. Food supplement declarations are always submitted to the Finnish Food Authority, in accordance with the food supplement decree (78/2010) of the Food Act.



Our production facility has been approved by food authorities, with FSSC22000 certification. Products obtained from elsewhere are also sourced from production facilities with FSSC22000 or BRC certification. Our goal is to complete FSSC ver. 5 certification for our Vantaa production facility by the end of 2020.


Our production facility is approved for organic food control, with organic production approvals granted by the Finnish Food Authority. Leader Foods Oy is monitored by a local health inspector as well as the Finnish Food Authority.


Our production facility is included in the Finnish Food Authority’s food control report system, Oiva. Oiva is a system for reporting food control report information, coordinated by the Finnish Food Authority. It informs consumers about any findings made during an inspection, such as the level of hygiene and product safety. The results are expressed on a scale of smiley faces: the better the statutory food safety requirements have been met, the bigger the smile. You can find the Oiva report for our production facility at the bottom of the page.



We require all of our suppliers to adhere to the BSCI principles, so that products obtained from elsewhere are also sourced from production facilities with FSSC22000 or BRC certification. We always try to choose recyclable packaging materials whenever possible, and we promote recycling awareness by adding recycling signs to existing and newly launched products.